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Railway Signaling Relay It is actuated in accordance with the input voltage or the current specification. It is an electrical component that drives contacts to open and close as secondary control. The signal relay is an exclusive relay for controlling signal and is used in the railway system.   
  Electric Point Machine In the railway transportation system, when the train enters between main tracks and main tracks or the peripheral sidetracks of the train station, it needs the branching unit to switch. The electric point machine is the major device to control the branching unit.  
  Level Crossing Barrier In the level crossing system, it is the level crossing barrier that controls the bar to lower and lift up in order to block or stop the vehicles to interrupt the railroad when the trains are about to through, hence, to improve safety of level crossings.    
  Fastening Device for Point Machine The device is to ensure that in the railway system the relative position of the basic tracks and the electric switch machine remains unchanged and to prevent it from  deviating. 
Cases & Boxes for Signaling System  Taiwan High Speed Rail Signal Protective System Device (Wayside Unit) a. Signal Protective Device Case for installation                  between ATC sections. b. Installation of Protective Device Case at train depot c. Installation of Protective Device Case for 100Hz track            circuits at train depot. Taiwan High Speed Rail Signal Protective System Device (Indoor Unit) a. Protective Device Bay for 100Hz track circuits b. Special Protective Device Bay for ATC c. Protective Device Bay for Electronic Interlocking  
  RF Generator / DC Power System For Etching, Sputtering process application of Semi-Conductors &TFT-LCD precision industries, high frequency power source required and DC  power supply;output from0.5KW to 30KW.                                      
  Railway Signaling Devices Overhaul In the railway system, the signaling devices should precede an overhaul after a period of time, to ensure the functions and the operations of the devices are at the normal status.
Railway Interlocking System  
  Road Traffic Control Products  Traffic lights, also known as traffic signals, traffic lamps, traffic semaphore, signal lights, stop lights, and (in technical parlance) traffic control signals, are signaling devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings, and other locations to control conflicting flows of traffic. Catalog