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About Us

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Taiwan Kyosan Co., Ltd. (Taiwan Kyosan) is a subsidiary of Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. in Japan (Kyosan Japan). In 1971 due to the decisive decision made by president Higuchi of Kyosan Japan, the firm determined to establish a subsidiary overseas and Taichung City, Taiwan, ROC was chosen.



At the beginning, Taiwan Kyosan was mainly manufacturing the railway signaling relays and switching power supplies. With great skill and quality Taiwan Kyosan is also entrust by Kyosan Japan to manufacture the railway signaling systems cases and boxes for the Taiwan High Speed ??Rail Project. Thereafter, also precedes the overhaul works of electric point machines, level crossing barriers and railway signaling relays for Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA). In 2010 Taiwan Kyosan has took one step further to challenge the Neiwan Project of TRA. In addition, Taiwan Kyosan is also responsible for the repair and sales of RF Generator related systems in Taiwan. In order to strengthen the business in the Chinese market, in 2013 Taiwan Kyosan has established Taikyo Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in Shanghai China, to further the expansion of RF Generator related businesses.

Under the guidance of head quarter (Kyosan Japan), we are cultivating outstanding designers and strengthen technical support engineers. In terms of production, we’ve withdrawn the factory that is rented out since 1993; we also reorganized and strengthen the equipments and facilities, so the company is now filled with a new atmosphere. As one of the head overseas bases, we will spare no effort to meet the basic strategy of our head quarter - "Strengthening and expansion the overseas business”.